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South America Vacation Cruises
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South America Vacation Cruises

South American Cruise Vacations

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South America is a beautiful, diverse continent. Home to rugged mountains, exotic animals and pristine waters, South America is a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation. Travelers can add to the uniqueness of their experience by traveling by ship. Now you can visit places that you've always read about in books or pictured in your mind. The best part about taking a cruise is that the transportation is in someone else's hands and you may visit several exotic places in a short period of time. Book a cruise today and get ready for one of the most memorable vacations that you'll ever experience. Airfare options from major cities may be added to cruise

3 and 4-Night Brazilian Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offers a 3-Night South American Cruise. Departing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the ship makes one stop in Angra Dos Reis before returning Cape Horn, Chile to Sao Paulo. In Sao Paulo, travelers will be delighted with the amount of things there are to do in Brazil's largest city. Travelers can immerse themselves in the shopping, the city's rich culture and history, the beaches and the exciting nightlife. Angra Dos Reis is a beach town from forgotten times. White sandy beaches and cobalt blue waters beckon sun worshippers. The architecture is reminiscent of the 18th century, while inns, galleries and cafes dot the cobblestone streets.

Royal Caribbean offers another 3-Night South American Cruise. South America Vacation CruisesDeparting from Sao Paulo, the ship makes a two day stop in Buzios, Brazil. Located about 100 miles from Rio de Janeiro, Buzios is brimming with beaches and majestic landscapes. In addition to the opulent beaches, magnificent shopping, fine dining and outdoor recreational activities have been bringing visitors to this beach town for many years. Royal Caribbean also offers a 4-Night South American Cruise that departs in Sao Paulo and makes stops in both Buzios and Angra Dos Reis.

5-Night South American Cruises

Royal Caribbean also offers two 5-Night South American Cruise vacations. Both Celebrity's Zenith in South America depart and return to Sao Paulo. Stops on one cruise include Buzios, Rio de Janeiro and Angra Dos
Reis, while the other cruise stops in Portobelo, Buzios and Angra Dos Reis. Rio de Janeiro is located on the Atlantic Ocean at Guanabara Bay. Rio is the pulsating heartbeat of Brazil. The yearly pre-Lenten carnival has put Rio on the map as one of the greatest party cities to exist in the world. In addition to a party-like atmosphere, Rio's Sugar Loaf Mountain is home to the world famous statue of Jesus. With so much to do in one city, travelers will already be planning their next trip to Rio well before they have even left.

6 and 8-Night South American Cruises

Travelers may also book a 6-Night South American Cruise vacation through Royal Caribbean. Once again, Sao Paulo is the departureSouth America Cruise Ship city with stops in Ilheus, Salvador Buenos Aires, Argentina de Bahia and Buzios. Salvador de Bahia is one of the nation's oldest and most historically rich cities. Salvador de Bahia is celebrated for it's Baroque colonial churches and other architectural wonders. For travelers who want to spend a little more time exploring these exotic cities and beach towns, Royal Caribbean offers an 8-Night South American Cruise. Departing from Sao Paulo, stops include Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and Buzios, with the ship returning to Sao Paulo at the end of the voyage. Only one of the eight days is spent at sea.

12-Night South American Cruises

Celebrity Cruise Lines offers a 12-Night South American Cruise. Departing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, stops include Punta Del Este, Cape Horn, Tierra Del Fuego, Punta Arenas, the Chilean Fjords, the Straits of Magellan and Puerto Madryn, with the Sunset in South America Vacation CruisesArica, Chile ship returning to Buenos Aires at the end of the voyage. Buenos Aires is the heart of Argentina. It's beautiful downtown area is home to many boutiques, hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and nightclubs. It is easy to see why this town is often called the 'city that never sleeps'. Punta Del Este, Uruguay is a majestic beach town. Travelers will look forward to testing their luck in any number of the casinos. Cape Horn is the southernmost point of South America while Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost town. Punta Arenas, Chile is the southernmost city and overlooks the Strait of Magellan. Throughout history it has served as one of the world's most important ports. Puerto Madryn, Argentina is celebrated throughout South America for it's commitment to protecting wildlife. Four days of the voyage are spent at sea.

Celebrity also offers a 12-Night South American South America Vacation Cruisescruise that departs from Valparaiso, Chile. Stops include Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn and Puerto Madryn, before ending the voyage in Buenos Aires. The port for the city Cool off in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil of Santiago, Valparaiso boasts beautiful and rugged terrain. Travel into Santiago and enjoy the beaches, vineyards (Chilean wines are some of the best in the world) and shopping. Travelers can extend their visit with a trip to the Galapagos Islands, made famous by Darwin. Puerto Montt is more European than South American in style and architecture. Yachts from all over the world make this town a stopping point before heading to Chile's beautiful lakes.

14-Night South American Cruises

Celebrity offers two 14-Night South American Cruises. The first departs from and returns to Buenos Aires with stops in Punta del Este, Portobelo, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios and Ilhabela. With the ship docking for South America Vacation Cruisesthree nights in Rio, travelers will have plenty of time to explore this wondrous city. The second 14-Night cruise departs from Rio de Janeiro and returns to Valparaiso, Chile. Stops include Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn, Cape Horn, Ushuaia, the straits of Magellan, the Chilean Fjords and Puerto Montt. Two days are spent in Buenos Aires and four days are spent at sea.

17-Night South American Cruises

For travelers looking to see as much as possible during their vacation, Celebrity's 17-Night South American Cruise is ideal. Departing from New York City, the first three days of the voyage are spent at sea. Stops include Charlotte Amalie, Oranjestad, Manta, Lima and Arica, before ending the trip in Valparaiso. New York City has become known as the capital of the world. Arrive early and catch a Broadway show, visit Times Square or shop around on exclusive Fifth Avenue. Oranjestad is the capital of tropical Aruba. Shop native-style at the floating market or explore the beautiful waters of Aruba while snorkeling. A day will be spent cruising the Panama Canal. Manta, Ecuador dates back to 500 A.D. Lima, Peru boasts a colorful history that is filled with revolts, villains and heroes. Learn more about the customs of the Incas by visiting the Gold Museum or the lost city of Machu Picchu. Arica has a wonderful and diverse array of vegetation and wildlife that is strongly protected. Take time to learn more about this region's natural wildlife. Eight days of this trip will be spent at sea. No need to worry, the ship's staff has plenty of activities planned for both children and adults.

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